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On August 7, 2017 5 puppies were born (3 males and 2 females) from a pair:


Severnaya Orkhideya First Olympic Gold "Phil"


Izumrudnaya Zvezda Iz Mirashela "Mira"

Кеесхонд Северная Орхидея Фест Олимпик Голд

Кеесхонд Изумрудная звезда из Мирашела

titles: Ch.RUS, JCh.RUS, Ch.RKF, Ch.KAZ, Ч.СКК


titles: JCh.RUS
 health tests: PHPT-negative, HD-A, ED-0  health tests: HD-B, ED-0, PHPT-negative


This is a welcome repetition of a litter from these proven parents. We have great hope regarding the breed and excellent character of the puppies born, because the offspring of this pair from previous litters dated February 27, 2016 and July 20, 2014, have grown into magnificent representatives of their breed and not only delight their owners, but also successfully show at exhibitions of various levels, receiving champion titles. You can see some representatives of previous litters on the pages of our site, namely: Yungar Talisman Udachi, Batyr Sibirskiy Kharakter, Barbariska Ozornaya Shalunya, Yugra Zvezda Sibiri and Businka Solnechnogo Ozherel'ya.

These puppies carry the blood of not only the classics of Russian breeding, but also the world famous kennels of Finland and Sweden. The father of the puppies Severnaya Orkhideya First Olympic Gold "Phil" has 1/2 Finnish blood and gives his "children" a gorgeous head, a very pleasant expression of the muzzle, good bones and a rich fur coat.

Parents of puppies are outstanding representatives of their breed, which is confirmed by champion titles, tested for hereditary diseases and have excellent health.

Puppies successfully passed registration, received the metric of the Russian Cynological Federation and in the future, as they grow up, they will be promising for exhibitions, cynological sports and breeding.

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