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Кеесхонд Северная Орхидея Фест Олимпик Голд "ФиляThe idea to create this site came from this magnificent Keeshond dog. Our Phil is a very bright representative of this wonderful breed. Cheerful, cunning, with an inexhaustible source of energy, our Wolfspitz Phil brought a lot of positive emotions to our family. Having a chic breed appearance and friendly disposition, our wolf spitz Phil is always and everywhere a source of increased attention of others. And his funny facial expressions, especially at the moments when he begs for food, cannot but cause delight and amazement. With such a talented actor we are not afraid of any crisis, because at the entrance to the metro with a sign "Serve the world's hungriest dog", it will be wildly popular with passers-by.

Our Keeshond Severnaya Orkhideya First Olympic Gold "Phil" is an excellent proven producer, passing on its best breed qualities to its descendants (many of which are presented on our website).

You can see a large number of photos of our handsome Severnaya Orkhideya First Olympic Gold "Phil" in the corresponding section of the Photo Gallery dedicated to our dogs.

In addition, on our website in the section Our Keeshond puppies you can see our litters, information about new puppies for sale and buy a Keeshond, Wolfspitz puppy in Novosibirsk Russia.

Wolfspitz / Keeshond / Wolfspitz

IMG 00581 F


10 years
DOB February 21, 2012
Breeder Gerasimova Galina. Kennel "Severnaya Orkhideya" (Irkutsk)
Owner Kennel Olympic Spirit (Novosibirsk)
Weight 22 kg
Growth 49 cm
Health tests:

PHPT-negative, HD-A,ED-0




  • Russian Junior Champion (JCH RUS),
  • Russian Champion (CH RUS),
  • RKF Champion (CH RKF),
  • Kazakhstan Champion,
  • СКК Champion,
  • National Breed Club Champion (CH CLUB RUS),
  • Russian Grand Champion (GCH RUS),
  • Russian Veteran Champion (VCH RUS),
  • RKF Veteran Champion (VCH RKF),
  • National Breed Club Veteran Champion (VCH CLUB RUS),
  • Russian Veteran Grand Champion (VGCH RUS),
  • Interchampion candidate (3 CACIBs in different regions and only one CACIB remains until this title is closed).
  • Multiple winner of the best at exhibitions of various levels.

The pedigree of the Severnaya Orkhideya First Olympic Gold "Phil" can be viewed at the LINK >>>

You can see photos of Severnaya Orkhideya First Olympic Gold "Phil" in its photo gallery at the link >>>


Video for German Wolfspitz (Keeshond) Severnaya Orkhideya First Olympic Gold "Phil"