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Keeshond Olympic Spirit Maksimus "Maks" was born in our kennel OLYMPIC SPIRIT from a beautiful pair: Almaznyy Istochnik Rassvetnyy Tuman "Loki" brought to our kennel and Olympic Spirit Zhinevra "Mouse" (daughter of our gorgeous Severnaya Orkhideya First Olympic Gold "Phil"), in Litter dated September 30, 2022 "M".

Maks stayed to live in our kennel and will be used in breeding work.


Wolfspitz / Keeshond / Wolfspitz

Кеесхонд Олимпик Спирит Максимус "Макс"


 September 30, 2022


Gnatyuk Irina. Kennel "Olympic Spirit" (Novosibirsk)


  Kennel "Olympic Spirit" (Novosibirsk)

Growth:   49 cm
Health tests:  PHPT-negative, T-1
Russian Junior Champion (JCH RUS),
RKF Junior Champion (JCH RKF),
National Breed Club Junior Champion (JCH CLUB RUS),
Russian Junior Grand Champion (JGCH RUS),
Russian Champion (CH RUS),
RKF Champion(CH RKF)

On the photo Maks is 17 months old

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