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Кеесхонды от Фест Олимпик ГолдThe Keeshond breed of dogs gets along well with all people and animals. Especially touching relationships and friendship in these dogs arises in relation to children. Keeshond love children very much! Therefore, we could not ignore the heading "Keeshonds and children".

Living in the same house with a keeshond, children not only learn responsibility, kindness and love for their smaller brothers, but also acquire the most faithful friend in the world who will never betray or offend a child, will fearlessly protect him from any offender, even if he is several times larger.

With the Keeshond, you can go hiking, engage in canine sports (especially Keeshond are successful in agility). In the summer, the Keeshond will gladly take long walks with the child, and in the winter, sledding.

This site contains an excellent photo gallery of touching and friendly relations between a Keeshond dog and children. Our dogs Severnaya Orkhideya First Olympic Gold "Phil", Grazia Сeleste Citadel Dushi "Defi" and our descendants - Keeshond dogs were used as models exclusively. The photos are kindly provided by the owners of our dogs and the organizers of charity photo sessions to help homeless animals, where our dogs are constant participants and are happy to take pictures with all people who are ready to help animal shelters and overexposure.

Photo gallery: