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A very beautiful boy Almaznyy Istochnik Rassvetnyy Tuman "Loki" came from the famous Almaznyy Istochnik  kennel (g. Nizhniy Tagil) to our Olympic Spirit kennel to participate in breeding work.

Loki has 100% foreign bloods from the leading kennels in Europe and the USA.

Loki's father Eswood Charming Avec "Courage" was imported to Russia from the famous Finnish kennel "Eswood" and has established itself as an excellent producer of champion dogs.

Loki's mother Almaznyy Istochnik Serebryanaya Vual' is the Junior European Champion. A very beautiful dog, born in the Almaznyy Istochnik kennel from the dogs brought to Russia: the magnificent Eswood Pure Mousse "Finik" (Finland) and Laura Sumbarsky Pramen (Czech Republic).

Loki is very interesting for the breeding program of our kennel, since has the desired phenotype for us, a great coat and a wonderful character.

As the grandson of the luxurious Eswood Pure Mousse "Finik", in combination with the daughters of our wonderful Severnaya Orkhideya First Olympic Gold "Phil" (who is the son of Eswood Pure Mousse "Finik") we will be able to get puppies from Loki inbreeding on the famous Eswood Pure Mousse "Finik" "and keep this type of dog in our breeding.

Wolfspitz / Keeshond / Wolfspitz

Кеесхонд Алмазный Источник Рассветный Туман "Локи"

DOB: 15 March 2021

Grushevskaya Natal'ya. Almaznyy Istochnik  kennel (g. Nizhniy Tagil)


Kennel Olympic Spirit (Novosibirsk)

Growth:  47 cm
Тесты:  PHPT-negative, T-1
Russian Junior Champion (JCH RUS),
RKF Junior Champion (JCH RKF),
National Breed Club Junior Champion (JCH CLUB RUS),
Russian Junior Grand Champion (JGCH RUS),
RKF Champion (CH RKF),
National Breed Club Champion (CH CLUB RUS),
Russian Champion (CH RUS),
Russian Grand Champion (GCH RUS)

The pedigree of Keeshond Almaznyy Istochnik Rassvetnyy Tuman "Loki" can be viewed on LINK >>>

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