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Keeshond (Wolfspitz) Grazia Celeste Yakhont for Olympic Spirit

A wonderful boy Grazia Celeste Yakhont came to us from the friendly kennel Grazia Celeste (St. Petersburg) to participate in breeding work.

Parents: mom - Grazia Celeste Rafaella (Ikurin Canis Fennicus "Winner" * Ikurin Stella Maris)

               dad - Grazia Celeste Chopard (Grazia Celeste Teddy Plush * Grazia Celeste Skeylori).

Yakhont combines 30% of the blood of the Russian breeding of the "Aistraum" and "Grazia Celeste" kennels and 70% of the well-known Finnish kennels "Waatan", "Eswood" and "Ikurin".

Wolfspitz / Keeshond / Wolfspitz


Грация Селесте Яхонт

DOB: October 31, 2019

Frolenkova Tatiana. Kennel "Grazia Celeste" (St. Petersburg)


Kennel Olympic Spirit (Novosibirsk)

Growth:  53 cm.
Health tests:  PHPT-negative
Junior Champion of Russia
Junior Champion of RKF


On the photo Yakhont is 1 month old


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